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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chamkili. ch-1 'fading lusture'


                                            By, Srija Singh 

Hi guys!
Now as you can tell from the image this is going to be an Arshi Romance. And for the benefit of my readers, let me give you you an overview of the plot from where I'll be taking off this story. So Arnav and Khushi, the Ying-Yang couple are finally married after a long struggle, a struggle with the world, with situations and misunderstandings, with family (most importantly Dadi), with the darkest of villains Shyam, but most importantly after a struggle with their own selves. But they are together now. Shyam has been thrown out and  Anjali is finally over her illusion. And now enters Sheetal and her son Aarav. Sheetal is Arnav's ex and he doesn't hide anything from Khushi, telling her about the relationship but also assuring her that he loves his lovely wife only and that the ex "meant nothing". But Khushi finds herself in a dilemma as Aarav and Arnav share various character traits, and Sheetal seems uncomfortable around Arnav and most importantly Arnav, who was uptil now, not a kids person, somehow gels well with this kid. Now to be sure, Khushi gets a DNA test done, but is unable to check it as Arnav sees it and to prove that she trusts him, she tears off the reports, but her insecurities and doubts are still very much there. But now to cheer Arnav up, she organises a basketball match, which involves Arnav, Khushi, Sheetal and Aarav amongst others. Now my story takes off from this point, and yes I have tried to remain faithful to the characters, but what follows in terms of the story is my own creation. Hope you guys like it. Here is presenting,

                        Part 1: Fading Lustre

The basketball match was over, Arnav Singh Raizada had once again proven that he played to win and the only times his opposition won was when he wanted to let them win. Arnav was there on the field, enjoying his moment of victory, with Sheetal right beside him, Aarav smiling at his new buddy while the entire family surrounded them.

Khushi stood in a far corner, taking in the view. How perfect it seemed, she thought to herself, picture perfect. Arnavji Sheetalji and Aarav. She wondered, what was she doing here, did she belong in this picture, in this family, what a painful irony it was, that the wife felt like an outsider. No one seemed to notice that she was missing. Would they notice if I just left the house at this moment and never returned back? For the first time, she wasn't really sure.She couldn't help but remember that day when Naniji, Di, Mamiji and Lavanyaji had danced on Ohh la la, just to convince her to stay. And back then she was literally nothing but a probably a sort of domestic-help. Would they bother now? She didn't know. She revisited that night when Arnav had said in that broken, hardly audible whisper, "mat jao", there was a painful desperation in his voice and the memory itself gave her a lump in her throat. Would he bother now? She didn't know.

She wanted to curse herself for having such thoughts, but you couldn't really dictate your heart, now could you? Because if she could, she would have never fallen for Laad Governor of all people. She would have rather chosen a decent banker or teacher or manager or journalist, someone from her world, someone with whom she would have felt at par with, someone she could relate completely to. She would have chosen a picture that wasn't too huge, you know, so big that it almost engulfed the Khushi Kumari Gupta, and you could no longer find her there, unless you looked too hard, that it strained your eyes.

She looked at the picture in front of her, Sheetalji had said something to Arnav and the entire family had burst out laughing. Arnavji looked angry but also amused. Aarav had looked up at her Arnavji with a look of hero-worship, or was it something else? She couldn't tell. Or she didn't want to find the answers anymore. Well, in any case no one needed her there, so what was doing here, standing as a lonely outsider, who belonged to no where, well wasn't this supposed to be her home, those people her family and that man her husband, her love. Why did everything seem so blurry then?

Her steps retreated back, inside that huge house. She felt cold. Well November was almost there. But this chill didn't seem like the one that could be overcome with a blanket. This chill originated somewhere inside, deep deep within her, at the centre of her being, and now it was spreading, slowly but surely...

Well marrying the most eligible bachelor had its own side effects it seemed, she smiled slightly at the thought. Yes he was perfect. With his Adonis's body and Antony's brains, he was just perfect. Oh what a curious little thing this mind was, where did that come from? Oh yes she remembered reading Julius Caesar for her 10th boards, how she had admired Antony, and now she had one. She smiled again. But where did Adonis come from? Devi Maiya would only know, after all she designed her brains. Julius Caesar managed to take her back to those carefree days, when the worst fear of all was to not be able to score well in your exams and the biggest question was how to talk to Samay, her crush. Now wherever did that come from, Khushi smiled again but it washed soon as she was struck by the realisation that she was no more that cafree jhalli Khushi Kumari Gupta, she was Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, with Kumari Gupta fading gradually. Oh what the heck, who was she lying to, even Khushi seemed to be fading...slowly slowly

When did life become so complicated? How did she land up here? What would have happened, had she not fallen into Arnav Singh Raizada's arms that night? What would her life have been like, with some Baanke Bihari or Rahul or Samay? She couldn't tell. Somehow even thinking about these other men made her feel like she was cheating on her husband. Middle class conditioning shouldn't be underestimated. Well whatever might have happened in the past or might happen in the future, she was positive about one thing that she loved her husband and that he loved her. But did she really, naturally believe in this or was she forcing herself to do so? Again she couldn't tell.

"Enough Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada! You have a family to look after and you anyways waste a lot of time when you don't think and now with this new habit, you'll be utterly useless to everyone else." So the bahu, the wife, the host gathered herself up and started moving towards the kitchen to see if the snacks were ready, everyone would be starving after the match. And just then her mobile rang...

PS: So guys hope you liked it. If you did please let me know and if you didn't then also please let me know :)



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Very exciting start. Cant wait to read more.