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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Arhi FF Chamkili. Ch- 15B 'Chamkili on Honeymoon.'

AN: Hey guys! Okay, so first of all really sorry for the delay but I recently downloaded all the seasons of Supernaturals and fell in love with Dean Winchester, so was having a little problem concentrating else where. But I am back with a new update finally and I hope that you guys will like it. Another important announcement, I am not going to continue with the fan-fic Tangent Worlds  as I have decided to convert it into a non-Arhi story. The story has many significant characters and plots and sub-plots and complete or even extra focus on Arhi was just not possible. However, once I am finished with it, I will post it in some form, hope to see you guys there too. Now, back to Chamkili....

                               On Honey-moon…
                                   Part- 15B


“Arnavji… Ah Aaah!”


Well, after trying to claim his attention for quite sometime now, Khushi was pretty sure that just calling his name was not going to be enough. And so she grasped his hair and pulled him off her neck where he was busy kissing, sucking, biting, licking….

“Aaah Khushi! What the hell! Can’t you see I am busy?” He let out a frustrated growl.

There were few people who had the gifted talent to leave Khushi Kumari Gupta dumbfounded and Arnav Singh Raizada was one of those chosen few. However, even he didn’t achieve the feat on a regular basis. But right now he had managed to do just that… shut that rebellious and delicious mouth of his arch nemesis and eternal lover. She had first pouted in confusion and then blushed with understanding. And by the time she found her voice back, her Arnavji was once again… well let’s just say Busy…



“Arnavji, I am hungry.” She managed to squeak between moans.

“Hmm, me too baby.”  He empathized and then continued to draw the skin near her naval into his hungry mouth, sucking it with such ferocity that made his delectable wife arch her body and then hiss in pleasurable pain. Her hold on his hair became painful, and he relished the pain, fearful of its loss as a mad-man is fearful of losing his madness.

“Arnavji, wo wala hungry nahi, sachi-muchi wala hungry.” Came his wife’s shy whisper and he looked into her innocent eyes and chuckled. Well, nothing could ever come between Khushi and food, not even her equally hungry husband.
“Okay baby, I’ll order something.” He said and then moved towards the intercom on the bed-side table.

“No Arnavji, not the room-service again.” She pouted making Arnav smile.

“You don’t like the food here baby? No problem, we’ll order from somewhere else.” He said and then busied himself leafing through the pamphlets of the nearby food outlets.

“Arnavji, I don’t want to dine-in again. We haven’t left this room since we came in.” she complained, an adorable pout accompanying that.

“So?” he seemed genuinely confused.

“So?” she rounded her eyes with annoyance before further continuing.

“So, what will everyone say once we go back empty-handed, no gifts for anyone, not even pictures of places we visited.” She finished with a frustrated huff.

“Khushi, we are on our honeymoon and it seems like every other person in the whole wide world knows what it entails except you.” He seemed a little annoyed too.

Khushi knew when she needs to loosen the pressure and back-off… But she wasn’t doing it before giving it a last shot; a shot she knew would ensure her victory.

“Okay, whatever you say.” She turned her back to him and then paused for effect before continuing.
“Haan ye alag baat hai ki Nainitaal ghumna hamara bachpan ka sapna tha.” She smiled a wicked smile as she imagined her husband’s guilt ridden expression.
“When we were young, Sarita had come here with her family and she used to tell me all about the clear blue lakes and white snow-capped mountains and churches and gardens and everything. And as a little girl I used to dream of maybe some day coming here and seeing it, experiencing it all for myself. But, if you don’t want to go…” she left her words hanging. She had pulled the strings and knew that nothing could defeat her invincible husband but… her tears… well that was a different story. Her back still to his front, she smirked, confident of her victory.

“Khushi, come-on don’t be sad baby, we’ll go wherever you want to go.” She heard him, but her smile had not even fully stretched across her lips when she heard his drawl,
“Haan ye alag baat hai ki main ye complete week tumhare saath spend karna chahta tha. I was so excited about it. But then your meeting came and…” sharp guilt speared through her body and she turned to him instantly.

“Arnavji, I am so sorry, I’ll cance…” was that a ghost of smile that lingered on his lips? But it disappeared instantly, leaving her unsure of what she saw. However, the mirth in his eyes  could not deceive her...never.

“Arnavji, not fair! You played me.” She hit him on his chest and then pouted.

“Learnt from the very best ma’am.” He said with a mock salute and then kissed her temple, bringing back the sunny smile he lived for.

“Okay okay, we’ll go wherever you want to go, but in a while.” And with that said he once again started dropping wet kisses along her jaw. And then there was a loud grumbling. She blushed and he smiled looking at her.

“Pett mein se aawazen aa rahi hai?” he smiled at her indulgently and then dropping a kiss on her lips,  got up pulling Khushi along with him.

“Okay get ready now, we need to get some food in your system soon.”

“Khushi, what the hell is that?”
She looked behind her and around her to find the thing that had freaked her husband out but nothing really seemed out of the ordinary.

“Kya?” she finally asked puzzled, her eyes rounded in confusion.

“What the hell are you wearing?”

“Huh?” she searched her light blue chiffon saree for holes or wrecks or anything that would explain her husband’s current disposition.

“Khushi it’s freezing out there, it’s practically November!” He sounded a curious mixture of concern and annoyed, kind of like her Buaji. A playful smile crossed her face at the thought.

“I’ll take a shawl Arnavji, you really don’t need to worry.” She showed him her pretty white shawl as if to back-up her claim.

“So everyone is out there with over-coats and sweaters and leather jackets and what not but a barely there shawl over a barely there saree is enough for you? Oh, and correct me if I am wrong but aren’t you the one that shivers if I set the air-conditioner’s temperature below 20 degrees!” he paused at Khushi’s flushed face and then resumed in a relatively calmer tone,

“I had packed some jeans and sweaters for you, they should be in my carry-all, please put those on. And there is a scarf and a pair of leather gloves too.”

“But, I don’t wear…”

“Oh, believe me, that would cover you way better than this flimsy saree.”

“You were mean but right, thank-you.”

“Huh?” Arnav really didn’t know what to say to that out of blue, out of context remark. And the context here being the angry silence that his wife had been holding for over sixteen minutes now. Well, he didn’t try to break it either because frankly he just wanted to see for just how long she could hold it. And sixteen it was! 

“Earlier about the dress and everything, you were right.” The latter part of her statement was barely audible.

“I am always right Khushi, I am…”

“See, if you are going to be all ‘I am the all-mighty ASR’ again then I’ll stop talking, okay.” She was already annoyed at having to accept defeat and he wasn’t making it any easier.

“Now, I know you won’t do that because you just can’t, no one else to talk to over here baby. And not being able to talk was the reason that you apologized in the first place, right?” ASR was being, well ASRish again.

“I never apologized.” She said defending her stand. The not-being-able-to-shut-up-stuff was basically a taken-for granted-impossible-to-defend thing now, and so she decided to leave that territory out of the war zone.

“So what was it then? ‘You were right, I was wrong.’ Oh and…” He stopped in the mid of it all because though he was having fun teasing her,  he sure as hell didn’t want an angry and grumpy wife on the last day of their first honey-moon, and before you ask, he was more than sure that there were going to be several more. Hell, one marriage wasn’t enough, so how the hell could just one honeymoon do!

“Okay baby, I am sorry.” And saying that he pulled his white plastic chair closer to her red one and hugging her sideways, dropped a light kiss on her temple.

“You know Arnavji, I sometimes think that if someone had told me a year back that one day I’ll be drinking tea from a cheap plastic cup, sitting in a small dhaba and Arnav Singh Raizada, my husband Arnav Singh Raizada, would be sitting right next to me on a similar old plastic chair and sipping the five rupee tea from a fifty paisa cup, I would have just laughed in their face and then ran off towards the Himalayas.” They both smiled at that, well that was true… most of it anyway.

“Do you remember our first date?” she asked him, curious of what he might say.

“You mean the one with the annoying waiter that kept asking “table for two?” Hmm, I do seem to recall it. However I am not very sure if your date was with me or with the free biscuit.” He finished with a teasing smirk on his face and she smiled at the memory too. Pretty soon the smirk and the smile had blown into uncontrollable laughter.

“You remember that? I thought you’d say the other one.”

“The one where you popped the bubbly into another man’s soup or where you invited the entire family over on our movie-date?” he asked cheekily while cocking an eyebrow.

“Okay okay, so we end-up having crappy dates. Let’s remedy that today. Let’s just make today the most amazing date ever. Okay!” And with that said she got up pulling her husband with her and they headed towards the mountain peak that promised the best view of sun-sets.

“It was officially the most mesmerizing sight ever.” Khushi stretched and relaxed in her comfortable seat that the popular restaurant The Earl’s Court offered. It had been a busy day with all the sight-seeing and shopping and endless chatting and so at the end of it Arnav had suggested this place for dinner and Khushi had happily complied.

“Well, I could argue with you on that, but I don’t want to. So, what are we ordering? Italian, Chinese, Continental, Mediterranean?  They serve a wide variety around here.”

“Okay, let’s make this a little more interesting…we’ll make a little game out of it. I’ll put your knowledge of my likes and dislikes to test and if you perform well… Well then, maybe later tonight… I’ll perform.” She said with a teasing twist in her tone and a tinge of coyness in her eyes.

“Umhmm! Interesting!” and his hold on her hand got a bit more interesting too and the way he stared into her eyes was just intense.

“Ground rules, the food cannot be Indian.” She said without breaking the eye-lock.

“Ofcourse sweetheart! However, the performance must match the international standards too then, that’s only fair.”



Arnav then looked at the menu and chose certain items from there, the names of all of which sounded just bizarre to Khushi. He then went on to give certain specific instruction to the waiter regarding some of the cuisines he had ordered. It took him a while but he was finally done and more than sure of his victory he finally turned back to his wife… the wife who was more than willing to lose. Mind-blowing sex and on top of that an exquisite platter of exotic international, well life didn’t get any better than this. Khushi was more than proud at her business skills, she all but patted her back at a deal well made (actually, she did do it mentally though :P)

“ It’s going to take a while, so why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind.”

“Well tonight is going to be a surprise but if you promise me that you won’t laugh then I’ll tell you something… umm, a secret.”


“You know, long before our marriage, when I just used to work at your house?”


“Umm, Amma and Buaji had been bugging me about marriage for a while and then finally when I did think about it… I thought about being married to you.” The flush of pink on her skin deepened a bit more.

“What did you think about?” asked ASR, flirtation personified.

“Nothing, just about making jalebis for you, dressing-up for you, the saree incident earlier just brought back the memory. You know what’s funny though, even in my dreams, you were always the Rakshasha.” She finished with her tongue-in-cheek.

“Wouldn’t that be a perfect theme for the performance tonight? Beast ravishing the Beauty.” He said with a smirk flustering her and then continued further.

“I used to have dreams too you know, about you, since the moment I first laid my eyes on you.”

“Like?” she asked, curious and a little scared.

“The genre fits better with performance and though I could attempt an oral demonstration… but even 'oral' takes a different dimension there. How about I show you instead, later tonight?”

‘Why is it suddenly so hot in here?’ Khushi wondered as her throat went dry and she found herself at a lack of words.

“Hey Arnaav, is that you?”

Arnav’s back stiffened at that accented voice, while his wife just seemed curious. And soon the source of that voice was standing right next to their table. Oblivious to her husband’s reaction, Khushi was just stunned by the tall, white man with gorgeous blonde hair and beautiful dark eyes.

“Oh wow, it is you. It’s been long, six-seven years after college? How have you been? And who is this lovely woman?”

“I am fine. This is my wife, Khushi Singh Raizada. And Khushi, this is Benjamin Hunter, a Howard acquaintance.”  Arnav introduced them in a clipped tone, while the man in question was already pulling a seat next to the couple.

“More like buddies! And Kusi, I must say you are beautiful, my friend here is a very lucky man.” His tone was easy and friendly.

“Ji thankyou. You look good yourself Benjiminji.” She replied with a polite smile.

“Oh, please call me Ben, or Hunter if you wish.” He replied with a wink. Arnav could see that Khushi was uncomfortable with the situation and his own anger with increasing with every passing second. But there was nothing he could do, not without spoiling the wonderful day they had been having so far. Fortunately, just then the waiter came up with their food and Arnav hoped that Benjamin would take the hint and just leave, but the he did know that that was more of a wish.

“Wow, Italian, Continental, even Egyptian, the spread looks amazing. Kusi, I hope you don’t mind if I join you guys.” She looked at her husband and she knew that he wanted her to say no, but her middle class mannerism just wouldn’t allow her.

“Sure, Benjaminji.”

“I must tell you Kusi, it’s just like Arnaav. You know we had this little corner in our university that served Indian food and everyone just loved the food there, but this man here would hardly ever go to that place. And looking at the food here, it looks like nothing much has changed.” He paused to swallow the lasagna and then continued futher,

“Oh, except for the fact that he is married now. Who would have guessed that? I mean, the guy was barely ever committed, but then I was worse, right dude?”

The mention of college, Howard, girl-friends and everything brought to the forefront the questions that Khushi had struggled to push back. She wondered if Benjamin knew anything about Sheetal. Well, this was her chance to try and gather some information. But how exactly do you ask a stranger if they knew about your husband fathering an illegitimate child with an ex-girlfriend? All those Premchand books and the several Saritas and Vanitas that she had grownup reading seemed so useless in a time of crisis. She was pretty sure that the questions would come bubbling if she didn’t do something to calm down.

“Arnavji, I’ll just come back in a moment.” And saying that she walked towards the ladies-room, blissfully unaware of what she was about to witness, of what her leaving them alone would cause.

“I have to say that I can see why you decided to settle after-all.” Benjamin’s eyes were still glued to Khushi’s back and that did not go unnoticed by Arnav.

“Benjamin, we are on a date over here, so I hope you won’t mind leaving us alone.” He said in a clipped tone, his patience slipping off at a much quicker pace in the absence of his wife.

“Come-on now, it’s not like we haven’t shared a ‘date’ before. What was the name of that Indian bitch? The one you had sloppy-seconds with, after me of course.”

“Just leave.”

“Oh come-on now, don’t go all territorial now. This could be your chance to return the favor…”  his sentence remained incomplete as he was shocked into silence by a heavy and painful punch that his companion, the husband on the table had just thrown his way.

When she reentered the dining area, she was pretty sure that she was in control of herself and that she could handle the situation. Only, she had not expected to find their table over-turned, food spilled in all direction and three waiters trying to pull her husband off his college friend, who he was busy punching. It took her a moment to take it all in and then she rushed to her Arnavji, knowing well that only she could stop him from… killing the man?

“Arnavji, bass kijea. Maar dalenge kya?” she now had a firm grasp on his shoulder and was trying to pull him away from the bleeding, drooling mess that was Mr. Hunter.

“Haan maar dalunga. Iski himmat kaise hui tumhare bare mein aisa kehne ki.” He said without breaking the string of punches he was still busy throwing.

“Arnavji, please stop.” She all but cried and he stopped. The next moment she was being dragged out to the parking-lot by her very furious husband. Once near their car, she pulled back, freeing herself from his hold. He stopped and turned back to her. He was furious and she was not helping.

“What was all that about?”

“Khushi, don’t test my patience, just sit in the car.”

“Or what?”

In less than a second, she found herself caught between the steely car on the back and the no less steely man on the front.

“Don’t fuck with me right now Khushi, I don’t want to hurt you.” However, his hand twisting hers behind her back was singing a completely different tune.

“What is wrong with you? So he said something, so what! Why do you have to be such … such…”

“Such what, huh? Animal? Brute?”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I don’t give a damn about what you say or mean. How dare he say all those filthy things about you! How dare he! You are mine. MINE! Samjhi tum? And if anyone, any-damn-one, would dare to even look at you, I’ll kill him. And you cannot stop me.” He all but growled in an icy tone, a dangerous fire lurking in his eyes and Khushi was terrified. He saw the terror in her eyes and that snapped him back to reality. And so loosening his hold on her wrist he moved back and then opened the passenger door for his woman who was still stunned, stupefied and stuck to that piece of ground.

AN: Please do let me know what you thought of this update, it's always a delight reading your lovely comments. Btw, Mr. Hunter here is to stay for a very long time now, so fasten your seat-belts for all the coming twists and turns. :)

PS: Presenting to you Benjamin Hunter,

PPS: Before you guys get any weird notions of even worse, images, let me make clear that when Ben talks about sharing dates, he is NOT talking about threesomes or foursomes or any such sick thing, Arnav would never do that. He might be referring to some woman that they both dated at different periods of time of course. Also, if it was not clear from the update, Arnav has had issues with this Ben guy since a long time now and what just happened just brought all the repressed anger back. Benjamin Huter is going to be a very very central character from now and he is here to stay for a long time. So be ready for more twists and turns :)



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