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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Arhi FF Chamkili. Ch-15C 'Chamkili on Honeymoon (C)'

                       Chamkli on Honey-moon

“Hey Aarnav, we are headed to the Royale Club, you wanna join dude.” Michael asked his fellow class-mate who just happened to pass-by the SUV they were all in. But before he could answer, Hunter spoke.

“Come-on now Mike, don’t embarrass the poor guy, like he could even dream of it.” He smirked, eyeing the clenched fist and barely contained anger of his adversary.

“What? You wanna hit me? Huh? Give it a shot dude. However, I am not very sure if you are gonna like the mess you’ll definitely land in.” Arnav looked him in the eye, wanting desperately to unleash the rage in him and yet struggling fiercely to rein it in.

“You filthy little parasites! Bloody terrorists! Coming to our country and then sucking on all that’s ours, bloody suckers! And then you have the guts to call us racists for squishing you like the roaches that you are.” Hunter deliberately gave another push, and Arnav was ready to stake all he has gained in the last few years for the momentary pleasure of beating the life out of this bastard. He would have done it then, even if he had to regret it for the rest of his damned life. But just as he had balled his fist and moved towards the SUV, a scared little voice got through,

“Hunter, please just drop it. And anyway we are getting late for the show.”
 And once the haze of anger was broken, Arnav knew exactly what Hunter was trying to do. He was finally in control of himself, well whatever little control he could manage that is. And Hunter knew it when he saw it.

“It’s not your place to speak, you bitch.” The venom in his voice sent a chill through her veins. But this momentarily displaced anger gave Arnav enough time and space to just let go and move on. Although, he did feel sorry for the girl, knowing well that she had all but volunteered herself as Hunter’s punching-bag. After taking several steps in the opposite direction, he couldn’t stop himself from glancing back. The jeep was there still and Hunter was looking at the girl beside him with pure hatred and contempt. The girl, he couldn’t see her face, but as the breeze blew away the hair from her dusky shoulder, he could all but feel her shivers. A haze of dust got in way of sight, but also cleared the webs in his mind. He jerked himself back to the ground as the jeep sped away… stirring the dust… probably leaving some of it unsettled forever…

The dust clouded his vision and a sharp honk brought him back to the bus-stop, he had been standing at for quite a while now. This car had also left a stream of unsettled dust in its wake. Some things never change. He glanced at his watch, it was almost twelve. He hadn’t realized that he had been here for quite a few hours now. He had wanted to cool down, and in the absence of his trusted companion, his SUV, he had turned to his other trusted companion, one that had brought him comfort in that foreign land, in his time of distress, long before he could afford an SUV. He drew in another deep fag with a deep breath and held that breath in for a while, relishing the burn and the haze that he had denied himself for a very long time now. Quitting hadn’t really been as easy as those welfare adds make it out to be. ‘Anything for Di’ had been his mantra back then. Some things never change.. That thought, and the guilt had been back with a vengeance, drowning all the memories of his past that had been drowning him for quite a while now. He had once again treated his wife as his punching-bag.  What the bloody hell was her fault if that scumbag was a bloody scumbag. And then he had left her alone on the last night of their honey-moon. But, he didn’t trust himself around her, not when his murderous rage for Hunter was all he could think about. Cooling himself down was the best way. But it took longer than he had expected, the empty packet of cigarettes was another reminder of just how long. A sudden cold drop of rain dragged him out of the confines of his mind once again. He looked at the last lit cigarette in his hand, wanting to throw it but, the clasp of his hand just grew stronger. And Arnav Singh Raizada gave into the temptation all over again. This giving into temptation thing was happing a lot to him lately, since Khushi.

He swiped his card through the door lock and pushed the door quietly, pretty sure that his lovely wife would be snuggled up on the couch, wrapped in a shawl, tired of waiting for him. Arnav wondered what would happen if one day she finally gave-up on waiting… The room was relatively dark when he first entered. It took a minute for his eyes to adjust to the more milder lighting. The next moment his eyes searched the room for his wife. But she wasn’t there. He considered knocking the bathroom door, but the thought of what he was supposed to say to her after his brutish conduct earlier, stopped him in his tracks. After all sorry was still a less frequented territory for Mr. Raizada. Suddenly, there was a soft click and some recent but surprisingly pleasant melody invaded the room and his senses. More than a year with his Salmaan fan of a wife, he had become used to some random bollywood song playing on their music-system, every once in a while when he came back from his office in the evening. What happened next, however, was a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence.

Khuhsi emerged from behind the fancy medieval looking partition just as the lyrics, ‘ang laga de re; mohe rang laga de re’, reached him. A translucent white saree wrapped around her delectable form and a delicious blush on her beautiful face. She turned her back to him and holding the edge of the tasteful furniture, she swayed to the melody. ‘Ram ratan dhan lagan magan man tan mora chandan re.’ The arch of her neck inviting as was the curve of her waist. ‘ujli kori preet pea a satrang laga de re.’ Her fingers called him to her as she turned to face him and had he not been all but fixed to the spot, he would have rushed to her. ‘Ang laga de re; mohe rang laga de re. Main to teri joganiya, tu jog laga de re.’ She came towards him and right when he raised his arms in an attempt to pull her to him, she had evaded him once again and skidded off to the attached open balcony.

His eyes traced a rain drop as slid from her forehead to her chin to her neck finally disappearing in the valley of her breasts. ‘Raat banjar si hai, kale khanjar si hai.’ She twirled her way to him and then pulled him from the door and in the rain. ‘Raat banjar si hai, kale khanjar si hai, tere seene ki law mere andar bhi hai; tu hawa de ise to mera tan jale’ the much despised distance was there once again there as her now drenched form swayed to the beats… close and yet not close enough. ‘jala de re sang jala de re, mohe ang laga de re…’ the magic deepened as she became still, her eyes closed; strands of wet hair wrapped around her face and neck; her breathing shallow and with it, the alluring rhythm of her breasts; her soaked saree clinging to her every curve, barely a barrier... He stood still too, enchanted by the absolute beauty that doused his senses… that was there for his pleasure solely.

They were inside the room once again. He had no idea how or when he had come inside. He had just followed her. The seductress’s fingers slipped through his shirt, finally separating the lapels, opening his shirt. A slight touch of her hand grazed the skin of his chest as her breath warmed the column of his neck. He tries to trap her in his arm, but like a beautiful dream that she was, she eludes him all over again. ‘Raas hai raat mein, teri har baat mein’ She had once again disappeared behind the partition. His breath hitched as he watched her shadow unraveling the saree, a hand appeared from behind the divider and discarded the saree. Her face, visible above the cursed furniture, tuned sideways and her heavy, downcast lashes came in his line of vision. She lifted his shirt and… ‘Raas hai raat mein, teri har baat mein, bol mein kya karoon aise haalaat mein’ She emerged… a glorious goddess… in nothing but his soaked shirt. Her movements a little more conscious and abashed now, and yet the desire to please and be pleasured still visible in her eyes. ‘Hun mein teri malang, tu hi mera nasha’ She hugged him from behind, her arms wrapping around his waist and her face resting on his back. ‘Chadha de re bhang chadha de re, prem ki bhang chadha de re’ He turned, bringing her to his front, encasing her body within his arms. Her hand slipped in his hair and grasping a bunch she pulled his head back. ‘Mein to teri joganiya tu jog laga de re’ her heavy, pink eyes stared deep into his drugged ones.  ‘jog laga de re, prem ka rog laga de re…’ He lifted her in his arms and brought her to the bed, deftly placing her in the canter and in barely a second she was welcoming his warm weight on her… in her… ‘ Ram ratan dhan lagan magan man tan mora chandan re…

 AN:  Hey guys, so what did you think about the latest chapter. I was a little unsure while writing this one. I have never written a song sequence before, it's really tricky. Please do let me know your verdict on this one. Also, any guesses on who the mystery woman is with Hunter in the flashback? :)

Srija :)


Farheen Sufi said...

Very sensuously written, just loved it but it was very short... khushi has brought this much positive change in him that now he feels sorry for her when he does something irrational in his anger and then try to rectify the situation the best way he could.... the girl with hunter is sheetal I guess and now they will both join forces to get what they want... sheetal arnav and hunter khushi.


Kritika Pande said...

oh my my my
this i didnt see coming
so that was his past
hmm good to know more about it
and now i can see why he was so mad at hunter
that man was a bully
and it seems things havent changed much
arnav only changed well due to khushi man
who was that girl who stopped hunter from bullying arnav more
guess will know and soon
he smokes oh dear
just what we needed
hmmm so since khushi came in his life he didnt smoke
but entry of his nemesis can we call him well back to those days
he left her
but guess he didnt wanna hurt her
so he went away
as long as he doesnt say something bad to her again
with him you never know
but khushi just did opposite of what i thought she would do
how come she was trying to seduce him
not that i mind
wow that was sensuous for sure
the song just perfect for the mood
good going there khushi
i think the song worked well
you are worried for no reason
hmmm well what khushi did was more into their HM mood for sure
she was teasing him like anything right
of course if she wont who will

Archana Popli said...

As I said you need to bring out how he reacts due to his past history and hope he realizes that he expects khushie to meet all his desires but he can never fulfill all her dreams to make her feel that she is the only one that matters to him

Anonymous said...

Omg..this was lovely...
Beautiful yet I teresting and as I voted...Sensual
The song sequence was awesome...
Loved it..
Update soon please..
The mystery woman can be sheetal I guess...
Mbbsrocks (IF)

labiba sharif said...

Loved it
Arshi romance and a pinch of seduction
Cant get better than this
perfect song choice for them

Archana Popli said...

Waiting for further updates have you stopped writing your stories it's been a long time