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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Arhi FF, Chamkili. Part- 15A. 'Chamkili on Honeymoon'

AN: Okay guys, first of all a little confession, well, I kind of suck at writing intimate scenes, so please be a little kind. However, whatever I have written, I did enjoy writing though I do hope to het as good as some other writers on the forum, some day... Anyway do give it a read and let me know what you thought of it. This one is all Arhi :)

Chamkili on Honeymoon…
Part 15A.

Some Light was seeping inside the room through very narrow slits in the carefully drawn curtains. It was as if she had decided that it won’t adhere to the arrogant wishes of self-assuming humans who thought that could deny her entry at mere whim. Well, she did have to thank Curtains though, her partner in crime. She wondered why humans were so foolish; flaunting what was worthless and even ugly and hiding the eternally beautiful. They fought wars, massacred lives and spilled blood, gloriously unabashed and yet concealed the glory of love in the pits of darkness. No, she was having none of it. If they were arrogant fools then she was an adamant bitch. How dare they deny her the pleasure of watching love at its rawest, crudest… best? How could she ever miss this sight of her small feminine frame encased within his larger masculine one? This was what helped her endure the forever, she was cursed with. She saw his possessive hold around her pliant waist and the look of contentment on her face as she laid there with her face buried in his chest. Her pale skin, tinged with saffron wrapped around his slightly tanned and work roughened form. Light beamed happily and brightly… well a little too brightly perhaps…
Khushi opened her eyes as the bright rays pierced through her shut lashes and she felt the warmth. This warmth, had nothing to do with the sun; no it’s the warmth one feels when they are surrounded by love, and the man whose love was surrounding her, seemed hell bent on suffocating her as well, if his tight hold around her was anything to go by. She smiled indulgently at the blatant possessiveness of her husband and took in the musky scent that was him. His scent mixed with hers, a reminder too potent of their amour, their love and its expression. The saffron tinge increased just a little around her face and neck as she thought back to their expression of love, not too long ago. She smiled and shifted a little so that she could take a closer look at his face. His hold was unyielding, reluctant to let go even a little bit. The child-like innocence on his face seemed so deceptive, almost incongruent to the man who had not too long ago made her whimper and groan and moan and even scream. Her shaitaan Raj-kumar. She smiled at the thought and with as little movement as possible; she maneuvered her body such that with her chin lying on his chest, very near the cleft between his shoulder-blades, she got a very clear and uninterrupted view of his face; every feature, every mole, every pore and every freckle was there in clear sight of her vision.
She wondered how long it had been since she had been engrossed in studying his face. He frowned a little and she found herself wondering at what must be bothering him, for that bothered her as well. The reason turned out to be the same playful beam of light that had not too long ago beamed brightly at her. She wondered what she could do about it. No one and nothing had the right to bother her Laad Governor, well besides her of course. Wriggling out of his hold was impossible without waking him up, she tried shading his face by her hand but that shameless intruder found her way around the wife’s dainty hands, also the position was a little uncomfortable and tiring, and then it struck her…  
Arnav Singh Raizada was in for a pleasant surprise once he opened his eyes. His beautiful and absolutely naked wife was lying half atop him, her hair falling as a curtain, separating them from the rest of the world and into a cocoon that they… nah, that she had managed to create for them. And her eyes, those hazel flavored pools of chocolate were staring right into his own with such love that he couldn’t help but thank that deity he didn’t believe in for bringing this angle in his life. If left to his own devices, he would have done a brilliant job at pushing her away, not that he had let any stone un-turned anyway. If not for her Devi... nah, if not for Khushi’s own love, goodness and faith, he would have pushed away his only chance at happiness, without even realizing what he was losing. These thoughts of woulds and coulds made his chest constrict in pain. She must have seen the pain flit across his eyes, for the next moment he found her lips taking his in a deep, soulful kiss, coveying in her own unique way that they were meant to be… anyways and always. He smiled at the thought and that made Khushi break the kiss and look up at him, searchingly. He just shook his head and then once again took her lips in for another delicious kiss, taking charge this time.
Holding her by the nape of her neck and encircling her waist with his free hand, he pushed her on her back without breaking the kiss for even a second. Her fingers were lost in the lushness of his hair, pulling him closer still, as if the space to even breathe was needed less than his nearness. He broke the kiss and she moaned her displeasure. Trying to pull him back to her, she opened her eyes when she felt slight resistance on his part. What she saw, made her breath hitch, his eyes were fixed on her form and looking down at herself, she discovered that the thin barrier shielding her form from her husband’s hungry gaze had come undone long back. Suddenly feeling conscious of her scandalous posture, she slowly brought her hands to her chest, protecting her modesty the best she could by crossing her hands across her chest, she turned away from her husband… unwittingly offering him her gloriously naked back.    
This nymph of a woman never ceased to surprise him and he loved every moment it. Just a moment ago she was kissing him with such enthusiasm that only lovers can boast of and pulling him to her with such desperation that only lovers suffer from. And in mere seconds she had transformed herself into an elusive, coy virgin.  His Khushi was a magician. His hand moved her hair further to the side and then the tips of his fingers touched her at the base of her spine. His touch was welcomed by a hiss of unbearable pleasure. His fingers traced the expanse of her back, gently… very gently moving towards her shoulders, playing her body like a flute and her body responded to his touch, dancing to his tune… like always. 
His gentle touches were the toughest to endure. She squirmed in want and restlessness, the feeling of being there and yet not quite... Upon finally reaching her shoulder, Arnav paused to pepper random kisses around her nape and back. He lightly bit the juncture between her neck and shoulders and she hissed in pleasurable pain. Gently licking the spot, he soothed the pain while keeping the pleasure alive. What he was unaware of, however, was that at that moment it was pleasure that was unbearably torturous for his currently high-strung wife. And yet when he tried pulling her back to him, he felt slight resistance from her. Of course he knew that it was more out of a sense of societal propriety than any genuine unwillingness on her part. He bit her right ear-lobe and she hissed again clutching the bed-sheet more firmly, trying and failing miserably at reigning in her natural wantonness. Middle-class inhibitions invading the privacy of bed-rooms was not really an unheard of scenario. And yet, Arnav Singh Raizada had just as much respect for the norms of societal propriety as sun had for man made digital watches.
“Oh come-on Khushi, it’s not like I haven’t seen all this before. In fact sex is a part of our everyday routine now.” She heard his frustrated complaint but couldn’t see the teasing glint in his eyes and of course as Arnav had mentally  predicted, she turned to him in a flash. Her naked glory facing him, all thoughts of proper and improper lost.
Kya! To yeh sab aapke liye sirf routine hai?” she asked hurt. “Waise it is all my fault. Despite knowing you so well I still fell in love with the Laad Governor, so how can I complain now. Of course having se… I mean loving me is just like watching that blasted business channel for you. Laad Governor kahin ke! Why Devi Maiya, why me. Did you not like all the jalebis I served you as prasad for the last nineteen years of my life, that now my husband thinks that se… I.. I mean love is just a part of his routine...” Khushi continued with her rambling and Arnav sat there both amused and painfully aroused. Khushi, angry and naked, all at the same time was too good an opportunity to let go of. And so without alerting her, he moved his face closer to her breast. She felt his hot breath around her nipples and they pebbled almost instantaneously, her inhibitions back. But Arnav wasn’t going to give her another chance to back off and so firmly grasping her hands with his, he pushed those back into the sheet and then looking into her eyes said,

“loving you is as much a part of my routine as breathing is.” And without waiting for another moment, he had taken a round, alluring, juicy, nipple into the hot cavern of his mouth…He would never get enough of it and he was pretty sure that she had no complaints. 

AN: Hey Guys! I hope you liked the update and if you did, please do make it a point to go back on the IF thread and press the like tab under the update, it would really mean a lot to me. Secondly, there are two more pure Arhi honeymoon updates left, so keep watching this space for that. And finally, there is a poll on the top right hand corner of this, please participate there for which ever story wins the poll  shall be updated next and too within 5 days. :) Do drop in your comments on the update, I always wait for it. Oh, and in the fist section of the update, I have used the literary technique of personification and it is the voice of Light that you hear in the first section. :)

Lots of love,
Srija :)


Juwairiah Zia said...

Awesome update
This is my favorite sentence in the whole update
"Loving you is as much a part of my routine as breathing is." This is a beautiful confession.
Love the way you wrote their first honeymoon morning. It's was very sensual.
Khushi is enjoying a lot the warmth of love. Arnav too can't resist his wife. Their passion and intimacy they share is increasing exponentially, they are drug for each other.
This honeymoon is indeed bringing them more close and both are enjoying it more than they thought, it's a refreshing change in their life.
Two more parts to go, looking forward to read them.
Update next part soon. I hope in next update you will mention something about Payal too.

Kritika Pande said...

haiyye rabba
what hot hot update
thank god it was arhi from teaser
she is temptress one minute
and shy the next
though cant say i blame her
she has been brought up that way
but hope armav can change her this shyness with him
the hell with others
after all he is her hubby naa
hmmm hope this honeymoon bring them closer
emotionally physically and what ever they need to do to with one another
and i dont mean that in sexual way
damn that just sounded wrong
i blame arhi and their love life for sure
so no one can disturb her LG but her
wow thats something
waise what view he got when up
and she actually made a move towards him
thats good
cheers for pm
in blog too this for sure

Farheen Sufi said...

Fab update and these two r just made for each other and complement each other so well that no matter what their past was they were bound to end up together.... I just fell in love with this line of Arnav" "Loving you is as much a part of my routine as breathing is" it couldn't have gotten anymore better and sweeter than this.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful.The usage of metaphors were awesome.
Loved the update.


lovebarun... said...

loved the update dear

Harinder Kaur said...

I remember reading the first few chapters of this story. The pain, eating away her insides, the crippling loneliness, the feeling of being abandoned- I thought either she will never recover from it or will burn into ashes to rise as a phoenix. Now I see this chapter, and the last one, and I think- what a fool I was. This is Arshi, our Arshi. They are both pain and penance for each other. About the intimacy, it was just the right amount :D. Brilliantly written, srija ji.

Harinder Kaur said...

Forgot to tell you, its Dilectus from IF.

roshan bashir said...

vry nice n beautiful update loved it roshaan IF

medha said...

beautiful n this duality of brazenness n coyness in khushi...n i love the language u have used,its very different from d normal vocab that is used in intimate scenes...there is a sense of mutual respect, admiration n a genuine warmth in ur use of language!

Arshiforeverlv said...

That was amazing
Wow the description was very good
Loved the update

-Xpress- said...

That was fabulous..loved arnav's teasing awesome...glad to see them happy

menaka said...

so glad to see them happy .. finally. they are so in love with each other and yet have to face so many struggles to be with each other.

Deepika Gidwani said...

Awesome! Loved it when Arnav said, loving you is like breathing me for...too good!

Very well written, very sensuous and hot update!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending me the link to the blog..just read the chapters of 'chamkili' I wish this was the actual serial..fab..can't wait to read more of your work!


Anonymous said...

Nice story..

Toeditor IF

Farheen Sufi said...

Hey srija it's been more than a month, any chance of getting an update?


Vidhi Khanna said...

Nice update!