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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Arhi ff: Chamkili. Ch-12, 'Things Come Around'

                                                                                           Ch- 12
 Things come around...

"Anjali? Is that you?" the voice called her once again and she had no other option but to turn around.
"Hello Mayank...I I meant Professor Sharma... Umm H..hello." she hated herself for being that stammering mumbling fool after all these years... she was shocked to see the kind of effect that he could still have on her.
"I never thought I'd see you here after all these years. I must say it's a very pleasant surprise." She blushed a bit at that and then hated herself some more. She hated him too, for being the calm composed collected man that he always was. Why could he still affect her when she...
"Why don't you come inside, we could chat for a while, if you are not busy that is." Prof. Sharma asked.
"I... Umm... I actually I have to see someone in the office. Yes, I have some work with the college administration, that is why I had to come here." The temptation to spend a few more moments with him was strong, but stronger was the urge to escape.
"Oh, okay! So you must not be delayed on my account. But Anjali, why did to come over to the left wing, the administrative office is in the right wing?" he asked out of genuine curiosity and maybe a little bit of hope...
"Wo actually, someone from the office sent me here to find one of the staff members, so I had to come."
"Oh! Well, I saw you in front of my office, so I thought maybe... Anyways, who are you looking for?" as if on reflex, her face turned towards the door on her left and there it was, a shiny black board with golden engravings that said, Dr. Mayank Sharma. Her cheeks stained red with humiliation and she was glad that she wasn't facing him at the moment. She took a second to compose herself and then faced him.
"Umm! I... I... Wo I was looking for someone from the administration but he is not here, apparently he has left already." She felt her breath catching a bit. Why was lying to him so difficult for her, wasn't she supposed to be the mistress of deception?
"Well, okay then, you must not delay yourself on my account. Bye Anjali." He smiled at her and she all but grimaced in an attempt to return his smile.
As she moved towards the administrative block she willed herself to not turn back and she would have been successful, had she not heard the sound of the door opening. She turned back. What did she expect, that he would be standing there, looking at her retreating back or maybe following her... But no, all she saw was his retreating back as he entered his office. She didn't know what to think as she limped towards the exit, tears that she had managed to keep in check until then had free reign now. What had gotten into her, why had she come here? What pleasure did one find in ripping the old wounds open?
He tried to resist for a while but then gave up, just one glimpse, one last glimpse. He turned towards her and saw her limp on her way. He wished that she'd have accepted his invitation... that he had had the courage to call her back... that he could rush to her side and walk beside her... match his step to hers... that he could claim what he had always wanted, desired... needed... that he could claim what was his and be claimed as hers. But you don't always get what you want or even need, so many wouldn't really die of starvation otherwise. Well, life indeed was a bitch! And with a final sigh of resignation he closed the door of his cabin as her limping form faded from his sight.

Her eyes seemed a bit puffy, was it from her incessant crying last night or the longish sleep, she wasn't sure. She spared another glance at the wall clock which showed that it was way past the puja time or even the breakfast time for that matter. She didn't feel like hurrying today, after all even Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada deserved a half-day once in a while, didn't she? She didn't want to think about last night, she held her pride very dear to her and the moment it was shredded into pieces wasn't a very appealing memory for her. But very soon she realized the irony of it, for in not wanting to think about last night, she was forced to do just that. She stretched for the millionth time and cajoled her body to comply with her mind and leave the bed, but the tiredness still weighed her down and giving up she slumped on the pillow once again, promising herself that she would lie down for just ten more minutes. 
Today it felt different; the tiredness, the weighing down, it was all different today and good different. It was the kind of tiredness one feels after getting rid of a heavy weight that they have been carrying for quite some time... the kind of tiredness that comes after resting for a while, resting after giving up your arms. She felt like... like one feels after displaying all their cards on the table. But the slight agitation or nervousness or vulnerability that one feels in such a position was missing, for there was one factor that was always constant, the fact that her husband, a blind fool that he was, loved his wife more than anything in this world and even if on nothing else, Khushi could bet her life on that one truth.  That was her last thought before succumbing to sleep once again, a smile on her face. She was glad it was Sunday. 

Devyani Raizada was sitting in the living room, her favorite Lakshmi was in her arms and though her hands smoothed her fur, it was more out of habit than love at the moment for her thoughts were far far away. Things seemed unnaturally calm around Shantivann and she felt slight shivers thinking about what might follow. Their home seemed to have lost its soul. The ever happy Khushi bitiya seemed to have lost her zeal for life and the warmth that always exuded from Payal had been missing lately. And to add to her miseries, last night when she was returning to her room she had heard some muffled sobs coming from Anjali's room. She had wanted to rush to her, to envelope her in her arms and tell her that everything was going to be alright. But she doubted how persuasive she would have been when she didn't believe it herself.  And so crushing her protective impulse she had come back to her room, a helpless, defeated mother.  Now days she often found herself wondering, if she would be able to face her daughter when that inevitable time came.  She wasn't really sure anymore.
With a resigned sigh she moved towards the table. Khushi bitiya hadn't come out her room today and though Devyani preferred to maintain her distance giving the kids their space, she was beginning to get quite worried now. But just as she was about to send someone to check on her, she saw her darling Bahu descend the staircase and come to stand next to her.
"Maaf kijeaga Naniji, I know I am very late today." Khushi said; her head bowed down, she wondered why she felt so much guilt for waking up late once in so many months? Would Aakash Jiju or Arnavji feel the same, she wondered, or was it an unstated rule for just the female kind? 
"Aree Bitiya, koi baat nahi, I was just worried about your health. Are you okay?" Nani asked while caressing her hair. Khushi smiled at her and thanked her guardian goddess for giving her the best sasural ever.
"Accha Naniji, I'll just go and check if the lunch is ready." Khushi had just turned when she saw Payal bringing out the various dishes with HP in tow.
"Aree Jiji, I am so sorry, you had to do everything by yourself today. I am so lazy and stupid. Sorry Jiji." She said, now following her Jiji to the table and then helping her in setting it up.
"Koi baat nahi Khushi, you anyways have a tendency to overwork yourself, it's good to relax a bit every now and then." said the wise elder sister and younger daughter-in-law, who herself didn't have a single memory of waking up late, ever in her entire life.
Khushi made sure that lunch had been sent to the office for Arnav and Aakash and Sheetal; she enquired about NK and was told that he had gone to meet some of his friends and would be dining out today; and that Aarav had basket-ball practice after his classes today and so would be late. And so, finally the women of the Raizada house-hold settled down themselves.

As the clock struck eight, the door bell rang and Khushi was reduced to a nervous mess in a jiffy.  She hadn't had talked to Arnav after last night and now she wasn't sure about how she was going to face him. In retrospect, being caught with the DNA test reports and then bursting at him about his past relationships, didn't sound like the things done by a mature wife.
Arnav came inside and moved straight to his room, his eyes searching for his wife, who was at the moment hiding behind the main door. He had expected to find her in the bed-room and was quite confused when he didn't see her there.  Arnav went down to the living room after changing into his casuals and saw Khushi helping Payal in setting up the table. He walked towards her, but the moment she caught his eyes, he saw her shuffle back to the kitchen, all the while avoiding his gaze. He frowned a bit at her weird reaction, wondering shouldn't he be the one avoiding her after last night. Anyways, she'd have to come to him during bed-time and he'd take care of things then.
Everyone had settled around the table and Khushi and Payal were busy serving the family members.
"Di, have this khatti dal, I am sure you'll like it, its Jiji's specialty." Khushi smiled at Anjali. She was worried for her, Anjali seemed lost these day, only surfacing when in company of others. Otherwise, she just seemed to be lost in another universe. Just a few days ago, she had seen Anjali trying, trying to be her normal self, and not just for others. But now as she looked in her far off eyes, she seemed to be slipping away...
When everyone had started eating Khushi looked around and frowned at not finding either Aarav or Sheetal.
"Aren't Sheetalji and Aarav coming for dinner today?" she asked to no one in particular.
"They must be busy packing. They are leaving tomorrow." Came her husband's curt reply.
"Leaving?" many voices questioned all at once, all eyes fixed on the man sitting to the right of the Raizada matriarch.
"Well yes, she came as a guest so why are all of you so surprised to hear that she is leaving." His eyes fixed on Khushi as he said this.
"No chote, it's nothing like that. We were just a bit surprised at Sheetalji's sudden decision to leave." Anjali explained. She had become so used to having Aarav around that for a moment it really hurt to think that things would be changing very soon. She hoped her brothers were planning a family soonish... she wished she had a family of her own...
"She found a place, the agent called her today. And she doesn't want to take any risks by delaying it, so they are shifting tomorrow." Arnav explained his voice free of any emotions.
Everyone then once again settled for their dinner... all but one...

Khushi had been pacing the room for quite some time now, guilt eating at her conscience. Of course she was the reason. She drove them out. Arnavji would do anything for her that much she knew, but that he would be willing to throw a helpless mother and her son out of the house the very next day hadn't occurred to her.  How would Devi Maiya ever forgive her? She'll have to talk to Arnavji, she decided.
Arnav entered the room to find his enchanting and ever elusive wife chewing at her lower lip, thinking something and murmuring every now and then. She looked as irresistible as ever, but Arnav knew better, he was prepared to keep his urges under check, for a little while at least. They needed to talk.
"Khushi?" she didn't respond, still lost in her guilt trip.
"Khushi?" He went to her and shook her, rudely bringing her out of her reverie.
"Arnavji, why did you do this? I didn't mean this when I said that last night. I was just a little angry and so I shouted at you but I never wanted you to throw them out of the house. Please Arnavji, what will they do? Where will they go? I... I" and she couldn't speak further as her eyes teared up. Trust Khushi to go all mellow-dramatic over the silliest of things. But then this was the same woman who had given Shyam a second chance for Di and given him, her biggest tormenter, place in her heart.

"Khushi." He paused and gathered her in his arms. "No one is going to rot on the streets. As I told you downstairs, Sheetal's agent found a house for them and so she is shifting. It has nothing to do with me or you. And do you think I am cruel enough to throw a woman out on the streets on some weird impulse." At that she raised her eyebrow at him and he understood. "Aacha aacha I know I can do that, in fact I have done that... but those special treatments have always been reserved for you sweetheart." He chuckled lightly as her mouth made a big O. He had been longing to kiss her for a while now and he decided to do just that.

"I cannot get enough of you and if we don't have some alone time soon, and I mean day and night alone time, not these bits and pieces, I am pretty sure I am going to lose my mind baby." Arnav said in a breathless husky voice, as he languidly caressed her left nipple. Their entangled bodies were still a little moist from their passionate love making and their breath was still a bit shaky. It hadn't been even five minutes yet, and her beast of a husband was already clamoring for "alone time" again, Khushi mused and blushed pink at the thought of their 'alone time' activities.

"Khushi, I was thinking it's time we went on our honey-moon, it's a long overdue, don't you think?" Khushi blushed at that. These few hours at night brought her to near exhaustion and even then she was sure, that her husband let her sleep for those few hours out of mercy only. If he were to have things his way, she was pretty sure, she'd die of the pleasure he brought her again and again and again... Her Arnavji was insatiable and the thought of spending days and nights alone with him, at some place where no one knew them, brought her to a state of nervous anticipation, his fingers massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples didn't help either... what would he do to her then? It was beyond her thought.

Arnav saw his wife blushing profusely at the mere mention of the word honeymoon, and this same woman was not five minutes ago, writhing underneath him in pure pleasure, complete abandon, chanting his name again and again even in her state of near breathlessness...  The memory aroused him once again. But he wasn't sure if Khushi would be ready again, so soon. Should I give her a little more time to recover?' Arnav mused. But all his doubts were cleared the moment her felt her nipples pebbling under his fingers. With an evil grin he moved atop her body.

"A honeymoon is coming your way sweetheart, so be ready and I don't plan on leaving you this easy then..." Arnav drawled as his lips trailed along her collar-bone. "How about I give you a trailer... tonight?" And with that his teeth sank in the upper curve of her right breast as his hand squeezed the left one. She gasped and held on to his arms with all her life... ready for the ride she knew he would take her on.

AN: First of all thanks a lot to all my readers for bringing Chamkili this far, believe I would have stopped writing long back if it wasn't for such wonderful and adamantly nagging readers.Tongue So thanks a lot for helping this story reach a hundred pages... Hoping it reaches another thread pretty soon tooEmbarrassed
I am not very happy with the way this chapter shaped up, I've been writing this during my free office hours but I do hope to see your comments and likes for this update, for that is what keeps me going.


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