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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Arhi OS 'Namesake'


AN: Hey guys! How r u??? A one shot from me on our favourite couple. Do let me know what you thought of d story.


A beam of light fell on him, msking the streaks of grey in his hair shine and she was entranced, all over again. He was saying something, gesturing with his hands. Oh right, they were in a board meeting, werent they? There was some problem with the investors or something, she wasnt really sure, but Aman sir seemed really concerned this morning. But then why didn't he look bothered? How can he be so cool, how does he manage to do this every freakin time?

"Please turn the projector on."

He had said something. But why was he looking at her? Did he just say something to her?

"Miss Gupta?"

"Oh yes sir."

She finally was jerked out of her day-dreaming.

"The projector?"

She stood rooted to her spot still, unsure of what had just been going on. Why did she have to make a fool of herself all the time, and especially in front of him. Why the hell did the gods hate her so much? She looked into his eyes, scared as hell and he simply motioned his eyes towards the projector.

"Oh right!" she said to herself, or at least wanted to, albeit the entire board-room heard her supposed mumble. She cursed herself again and then moved to the projector to switch it on.

"Thanks Miss Gupta." He said with a polite smile and she blushed like a frigging 14 year old. Curses curses! Bloody curses! Curses on that bloody projector and this board-room and these people and hi... no not him, she would never do that.

He was back to his gesturing and talking with the important people in the room. Well, in the order of importance she was stuck on the lowest runk, probably even beneath the canteen-wala bhaiya who had just entered the room with some refreshments. At least he did his job and didnt just day-dream and crush on his boss. Or maybe he did... If she was to believe Simmi, then Raju bhaiya was straight as a... as a... jalebi, oh yes jalebi. A dreamy smile replaced the previous look of achievement oh her face. He was looking at her again, he was looking at her but so was everyone else. Shit! Not again!

"Miss Gupta, please the projector."

Aman sir had said this time. She hurried to the damned projector and turned it off. The devil may as well just blast it! She raised her eyes to him again, but he wasnt looking at her. Oh great, he was already frustrated of her. After all, ASR wasnt really known for his patience. Her first day on the job and she has already managed to piss-off the boss. Great going gal! She gave herself a mental mock pat on the back. Well what's done was done, but she was going to do better now. Deciding thus, she focused all her attention on what ASR was saying something about share prices and investments and diversifying into robots... or was it rockets? Well, who the bloody hell cares! And concentrating on the boring stuff wasn't her strong suit either. In fact, the only reason she managed to pass college was because that useless Vikram agreed to show her his answer-sheets. And that was when that bloody Economics teacher looked like some four-hundred years old haunted house, and not the pretty ones from the classics like Raaz or Raaz 2 but rather from some B-grade movie like like Raaz 3. And now when this man looked like some drool-worthy dreamy older-guy with grey-streaks and stormy gaze from a Mills and Boons novel, how the hell was she supposed to focus?

"Okay then gentle-men, that's all for now. Let's proceed as discussed!" ASR stood up, signaling the end of the meeting.

"Miss Gupta, please see me in my office." Somehow, this time his gaze didnt really seem all that polite.

"Yes sir." Oh god! Her first day at AR Designs and she was going to get fired already! Good going girl! You are going to go down in history, and there was another mental mock-pat. Grudgingly she followed him.

"I know this is new to you Miss Gupta and I am not expecting a break-through on your first day. But, I should at the very least be able to see some effort and willingness on your part regarding your job. You have to deserve what you are getting, I dont do charity. Are we clear Miss Gupta?" He was all business.

"Yes sir." Years and years of public humiliations in class-rooms and yet this one, the mellowest one in a private office brought tears in her eyes.

"You may leave now."

"Yes sir."
Finally the day was over, and what a day it was! From the big job interview, to falling in love at the first sight, and that too with her new boss (so what if it was one-sided, yet...) to having her first lovers quarrel (okay fine, that was a one-sided too!), to that embarrassing joke that Simmi woman played on her... Some day it was. She was almost at the door when his voice called her.

"Miss Gupta!"

"Yes sir?"

"There is a bouquet and a jewelry box at my table, please get it to my car."

"Yes sir." And with that she rushed to glass-palace (yes, that's what she called his office, Crazy rich men, like seriously?)

She was in the parking area, but it was dark already and she was having some trouble locating him.

"Miss Gupta!" she turned towards the voice and finally found him.

"Sorry sir, I was trying to find you but..." and she all but chocked on her words, Arnav Singh Raizada was not alone. She followed his gaze and saw her. The beautiful woman by his side, a trickle of grey in her hair and some hardly there wrinkles on her forehead. All they did though, was make her even more unbelievably beautiful. How could she not be with those beautiful honey-tinged eyes? The beaitiful woman, that's what she called her. She didnt need to ask who she was. His impassioned eyes and her content smile had already whispered their love-story to her. Some movement brought her back to the land of the living. Arnav had taken the flowers and the box from her hands and had already turned to his wife.

"Arnavji, manners! Introduce me to this lovely girl at least." The woman all but chided the great ASR. He smiled, and not just with his lips.

"Hmm, this is Miss Gupta, I mean Miss Mayarah Gupta, my new assistant and..."

"And I am Khushi, his wife." The beautiful woman smiled at her. And he, he was smiling at her, his wife, completely oblivious of any third person's presence.

"I hope he isnt troubling you much. Well, and if he does, just come to me. I'll see to it. This man is clueless about how to treat pretty girls like yourself." She continued.

"Mmmm... yes maam... I... I mean no maam. I mean sir treats me well." She tried to smile politely.

"Khushi we are getting late." Arnav said while holding open the door for his wife.

"I can open the door myself, you know." The beautiful woman taunted.

"I do. Now just climb in."
The beautiful woman mumbled something... did she hear governor or something? Myarah wasnt sure. The beautiful woman smiled at her once again, and then climbed in the car. Why did she feel like there was something different about this smile, she couldnt tell.

"Get home safe, Miss Gupta." Arnav said and then moved to the drivers seat. The SUV zoomed into the darkness and Myrah took a moment to realize that she was alone. She picked her bag with a heavy heart and hailed an auto. She was going to need a lot of chocolates and another doze of Vampire Diaries tonight. And maybe she'd call Vikram, her ego needed some boosting as well.
"Lovely girl!"

"Hmm?" Arnav wasnt sure what his pagal wife was rambling on about.

"Myrah, lovely girl and very beautiful." She clarified.

"Hmm!" he was busy focusing on the road.

"She likes you, you know." She said with a smile, the smile of a proud or even conceited woman, who owns something that every other woman wants.

"Are you crazy Khushi! Our Aashi is almost Myrah's age." He said with an incredulous shake of his head.

"You men, you can be so unbelievably thick-headed at times. I really dont know how you can deal with corporate espionage and yet be so oblivious of such obvious things."

"Well, if thats true then you need to be extra careful sweetheart and maybe try to work a little harder on me... with me..." he said with a teasing smirk on his face as he parked the SUV in front of their home. They got off the car and she came to him.

"Dont kid yourself Mr. Raizada! Arrogant, thick-headed men like you are plentiful..."

She then lifted herself up on her toes, her eyes dancing with mirth as she whispered in his ears,

"But, a woman with a 28' waist at forty-eight... is impossible to find." She bit on his lobe lightly, leaving him wanting for more...

AN: how was it guys??? Did any of you manage to guess d twist??? Do write back please.



LyssaPie said...

Hahah this was awesome

Amrin Banu said...

Nice os
1st I thought arnav is married to someone else

Sansid said...

what a beautiful story , wish you would start writing again soon