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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Arhi ff Chamkili. Ch-18 'The Silent Chimes'

                            The Silent Chimes 

“Oh of course, because you are the almighty God, aren’t you Dadi?”

Every eye in the room turned to the door and to say that they were all shocked at who the speaker was, would probably be the understatement of the century… because there stood in all her fierce glory ASR… Anjali Singh Raizada, the woman who was lost several years ago… had finally found her way back.

“Anjali bitiya, you don’t even know what she has done.” Mami tried to make her case.

“Oh right, I am sure Payalji has been plotting this all along… that to not be able to experience the joys of motherhood has been her lifelong dream. Right Mami, Dadi…” she paused for a second before adding another name “…Nani”

“Is this the way to talk to your elders Anjali? I can see that the ill-bred members of this family have changed you for worse.” Dadi tried twisting the argument.

“Are you seriously going to lecture me on manners Dadi, when not a minute ago you were taking sadistic pleasure in ripping apart the woman who has already lost too much?” Everyone and everything fell silent,

‘Di was making sense and accepting truth, for once in her life! It sure was one of Devi Maiya’s greatest miracles.’ The thought crossed Khushi’s mind, however she had the good sense of keeping it to herself.

“Khushiji, please help Payalji to her room and stay with her.” Anjali had taken command in every sense of the word and Khushi did just that.

“Anjali, aap…”

“That’s enough Dadi! There is nothing to discuss here. Once Aakash is back, and I hope someone called him, we’ll talk about all this. We’ll definitely go for more medical opinions before arriving at any final conclusion and making any future plans, and even then it’s going to be Aakash and Payalji’s decision.” With that said she looked at Nani, the woman was simply sitting with her head drooping, seemingly oblivious to anything. Anjali moved to her,

“Nani, you need to keep it together. You are our rock. We need you… Aakash and Payal need you. Nani please…” the older woman then hugged the younger woman and finally broke down.

“Nani…” Anajli’s voice broke a little as she hugged her back. Still she kept herself together… telling herself she needed to be strong for Nani, for Aakash, for Payal…

Khushi was tightly hugging her Jiji, as if she could shield her from everything. She couldn’t fathom that such miseries would taint her precious Jiji’s life. She could do anything for her and Devi Maiya knew, she had… repeatedly, and so right now, at this very moment, she felt helpless, more so than ever in her life. What could she possibly do to make it all okay? And to think that she was away having the weekend of her life, with the love of her life, just when her Jiji needed her the most? How could the gods be so cruel and to such a lovely, innocent creature? A tear rolled down her cheek.

Khushi gently rocked Payal, as grief and helplessness and guilt assaulted her, holding her in a tight embrace… as if she’d never let go… only… it escaped her that her Jiji wasn’t holding her back…

“We are surprised Mr. Raizada, and pleasantly so. After the last presentation, we were quite sure that we wouldn’t really stumble upon anything better, but thanks to AR Designs, we did.” Arnav shared a smile with Aman and Sheetal, after all they were the ones who had handled everything from scratch. Hiring Sheetal was turning out to be a wise decision.

“The contract is yours Mr. Raizada. We just need to fulfill some formalities, but for all practical purposes, the decision is made.” The middle-aged European shook hands with Arnav, making it official… in an unofficial manner, that is.

“Aman, Sheetal, good job! Keep up the good work!”  Arnav bestowed them with a tight-lipped smile and Aman felt like he had won the employee of the year award (well, of course he never had, considering AR didn’t have such cheesy awards). Sheetal had a more subdued response, employee of the year, wasn’t really her agenda. Yet, she congratulated herself a little, small victories, right?

“Now, I want the both of you to head the entire project. Aman, you will handle the management and Sheetal shall be the in-charge of designing. I am sure you’ll do a good job.” And with that Arnav left the office and headed home.

Aman was in seventh heaven, he was proud of himself, pretty sure that if AR did have an employee of the month award, he’d be sure to win it.

Sheetal, however, felt a little let-down. She had hoped that this would give her the opportunity to work with Arnav, and here she was stuck with this what-the-bloody-hell-he thinks-of-himself-Aman. But again, small victories, eh!

Arnav was at a loss of words.

He was standing a Payal’s door. The two entwined women in front of him. One sobbing, the other still… one holding on, the other had let go already…

He didn’t know what to do, or even say. The fates had dwarfed the unreachable Raizada all over again.

“Arnavji aap?” Khushi’s voice brought him out of his trance. He didn’t say anything though; he simply started walking towards them. When he reached the foot of the bed, he halted. Payal was still staring into nothingness, oblivious to anyone and anything. But for the first time in his life, Arnav saw her… really saw her. He saw how slight she was, how ordinary, and how broken. He was reminded that he had glimpsed quiet strength in her in the past, which was missing now. He wanted to reassure her, tell her that everything will be alright, that he was there for her, but as always words failed him…

Payal felt  something, a warm, reassuring hand on her head; an alien one though. She lifted her head to see Arnav Singh Raizada’s figure towering over her. She knew he wanted to comfort her, to reassure her of his presence and yet the only person whose presence could even attempt to comfort her, was no where to be found…

 AN: So, how was the update? I have always felt that the characters of Payal and Anjali were underplayed in the show as were so many others. So, this is my attempt to redeem these characters. 


Archana Popli said...

Love that your back ,I miss this story ,hope Arnav figures out that his dad'i is out to destroy his family and also sheetals intentions towards him before it is too late ,how beautifully you shown the love between the two sisters hope Arnav puts Miami in her place ,update the next part soon ,

Happytwinkle said...

Awesome update
Loved it
Well written
Feeling bad for payal

sweetshivani said...

Hey its a nice story and I would like to read further here is my email id pls do send me the next update!!love your work!!!!!