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Friday, February 22, 2013

Arhi OS. 'That I Love You Dammit'

Hey guys! How u doing!
Now this is a very short story, once again on the eternal lovers Arshi. Now this one I had written way back in August, when Arnav had said a frustrated, "I LOVE YOU DAMMIT", after a failed attempt at suhagraat with our Bitiya ;) 
So without any further ado, here is the story, hope you guys like it :)

                                  'THAT I LOVE YOU DAMMIT'

Did that really just happen? She was wearing a smile on her face... She could still feel his warm yet aggressive hold on her arms... The fire that he had created was still burning, outside and inside. She touched her face and it was moist, trailing her fingers upwards, she tried to locate its source and yes they were her eyes... Her eyes that have not blinked, for god knows how long... Her breathing seemed to have stopped, the air trapped somewhere inside... The only thing that said she was alive was the sound of her heart...DHAK DHAK... DHAK DHAK... Her heartbeats seemed to have crossed all bonds of modesty... Leaving her feelings, her emotions, her Self naked...

Yes, he had said it before, but back then she could not see that look in his eyes... A voice over phone proclaimed his love for her... It seemed too good to be true, that a man who had left her crying on the airport would declare his love for her in a voice so passionate, so urgent, as if he wanted to make sure that if these were to be his last words, it should be the declaration of his true feelings for her, "I LOVE YOU KHUSHI." ... Back then it seemed so unreal... But today... She could feel his urgency in his touch... She could hear the passion in his voice... She could see his unabashed love in his eyes...And she knew it was real.

Rituals, Customs, Social Acceptance... all these mattered to her... But what mattered the most was THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER... She felt estatic...And in that moment it hit her...What message did Radhe Krishna give to this world... Why is His name taken with Radha and not Rukmani, his wife... And then she understood...or rather acknowledged for the first time ever what in her heart she always knew... True love... A love like theirs DID NOT NEED A NAME... She has to find him... let him know that she belonged to him... and he to her...She could feel her face getting warm at this thought...

His own voice has been ecoing in his head for quite some time now... And this time it didn't make him uncomfortable... he didn't feel the urge to silence it... He loved her and she loved him, what more was required, he could truely not understand... Sje had said that untill the pheras are not done they could not be one... But he already felt one with her... Their hearbeats were one...Their dreams were one... Each and every breat they took depended on the other... His breathing would stop even at the thought of losing her... And still she said , they were not one... They couldn't possibly be one untill the pheras.

He tried to understand for once the significance of these pheras... Di had told him once that they signified promises that bound the lovers for eternity... But are these promises bigger than the PROMISE OF LOVE... And why this desire for the Bind when what they had, what he cherished was the Bond... THE BOND OF LOVE... He could not stop himself from wandering in those dusty lanes of the past... He knew his parents took the pheras amidst the encantations of mantras... But what good was it? He had wondered why his Di wanted the Pheras, having witnessed their futility herself... And once again the Pheras could not bind them... What was it that they lacked... He knew it was that BOND... And he had promised Khushi that BOND... The Bond of love, that he knew was above any of the social bindings... He understood theSPIRITUALITY of LOVE, its MEANING, its sense of BELONGING... He also understood the RAWNESS OF PASSION... Almost BRUTAL... What he failed to understand though was the social sanction of love... Because he had himself witnessed its futility.

But then it was Khushi... She was different... She still had her beliefs intact... And that innocence, that faith made her all the more beautiful... It made her who she was and he loved her that way... He would never want her to change... So pheras would make her comfortable... HAPPY... and in her words, their relationship COMPLETE and MEANINGFUL... Well and good... if that is what makes her happy.

His musings were disturbed by some loud voices and it took him a little while that it was Dadi, shouting at someone... And another moment he knew who it was... And in another moment He was by Her side... He loved her and he would not stand her being abused... Once again the question was about pheras...He thought to himself, here is an excuse... Khushi can have her Pheras without I having to let go of my EGO... AWESOMEWink

And at the very same moment she thought...Okay I know love matters the most... But I wouldn't mind some BONUSWink... THANKS DADI.

have fun guys :)

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