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Friday, February 22, 2013

Tangent Worlds. ch,1: the scream

Hey guys! What's up?
Now, here I present another of my Arshi or more like IPKKND Fan Fic. Unlike my earlier work, 'Chamkili', this story doesn't take off from some point on the show, but is infact entirely mine, with ofcourse the exception of borrowing the much loved characters from the Fourlions popular hit, 'Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?'  I have been practically living with this story for the last few days, trying to figure out how this would work, and what my characters should be like, and what turns and twists would make it more appealing. And well after a lot of thinking, I finally decided to give up thinking and just go with the flow and take the story as it comes.

Here now I have crossed my fingers, as I present to you another of my creations,

                                          TANGENT  WORLDS

                              Chapter I: The Scream

Someone had screamed. There was so much that some incoherent noise could explain when one of the greatest devices of man, language, coherent language, failed.
There it was again, and louder than before. Desperation was blatant in it, as if someone was hanging on to the last shred of fear… and hope. And then all went quiet. Still as death and dark as the color black.

She turned around in that impenetrable darkness, trying to see through it and failing miserably. She had to locate the direction of the scream, or…
Silence surrounded her, making the darkness all the more terrifying. She scrunched her eyes close in fear, praying her constant companion, her guiding light, her Devi Maiya, to show her light, to make her hear that scream once again, just once… she knew she would be able to figure it out then… She will have to and SHE WILL. And in the very next moment, her eyes opened wide. She heard that voice again. But unlike the desperate scream that seemed so persistent on finding a way-out, she heard broken sobs. They sounded… beautiful, almost melodic, and her heart wrenched listening to that beautiful, mesmerizing music that followed Tragedy in his wake, spellbound by the magic that he created, Tragedy, her master.

Feeling something break inside her every time she heard those sobs and then feeing the void those fractures created deep down as she heard the silence, she began her pursuit. There was no need to hurry anymore, whatever was at stake, was lost already, she had known that when those violent screams had become gut wrenching sobs and desperation… despair. Now all she wanted was to delay the moment, just pull the reins on time, if she couldn’t move it back, and suspend even if momentarily, that which awaited her, for she knew it was there somewhere, hidden but there. Her steps were slow and seemed to follow innately the rhythm so unique, and yet one, that all knew, the rhythm of despair.

And finally she could see it. A bundle of white outlined against the surrounding darkness. She could have easily confused it with something lifeless and unnecessary hadn’t she already known, but she did. She started leveling herself to come face to face with that rocking and sobbing bundle… And then she saw it, just what she didn’t want to see. The tear-streaked face lifted up and looked her in the eye, and there she saw it, ugly naked despair dancing and celebrating her newest conquest. There wasn’t a sight more dreadful that she had ever seen, and she knew the memory of it would haunt her for life and perhaps even after it. She heard that voice again, a hoarse whisper… or a sigh of resignation was it?

PS: Hope you guys like it and please do give your opinions, there is nothing more than words that can encourage a beginner like me. And yes a lot more is to come, so stay tuned. :)

Signing off for now,
Srija Singh


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ht hob said...

WOW! Building up the suspense. What r Shyam and Anjali upto???