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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Arhi ff Chamkili. Ch-8B. 'That Which is Unsaid'-2

Hey guys, this chapter here goes out to my friend Lara, for literally forcing the story out of me. Lara believe me when I say this story wouldn't have been going on if not for you. Love you dear :)
                          That Which is Unsaid      

      "Why me Devi Maiya? Why Me?"
 Khushi finally let out a frustrated growling plea as this silent contemplation was getting too much for her. She was supposed to meet her project team in less than an hour and she was still struggling with a colorful mountain of ground fabric that needed to be coupled with suitable threads, which was... well just another heap of unorganized mess. Khushi knew that chickankari was no child's play and when working for a reputed fashion house one could never be too sure or too perfect and was also aware of her highly unprofessional behavior and in fact hated herself for it, but then she was helpless, for the thoughts of a certain Rakshasha Laad Governor just wouldn't leave her alone. She desperately needed her tension buster, her darling jalebis, unleashing all her tangled thoughts into the twisted knots of her favorite sweet, whether  or not anyone got it but jalebi making was cathartic for her. But then again she couldn't risk being branded 'the Sankadevi of KaLa', it was a little too soon for that. While cursing the bane of her existence Raizada she shuffled her jhola and pulled out a box of chana, finally sighing in relief.

Last night she had been petrified, oh yes as much as the Rakshasha loved her, cherished her with a passion worthy of a prince charming, the fact remained that he was after all the Rakshasha of her life. And so when she had come face to face with her past she was shaken, quite literally in fact and had ended up hallucinating about the multiple ways he could, or better still, multiple ways he most definitely WOULD torture her, using methods, which if you asked her were as plausible as Arnav Singh Raizada murdering her with a pechkas and Salman Khan offering his condolences on her death. But then when she had finally come clean, confessing her past sins, he had done the one thing she had never imagined in her wildest of dreams he would do, he had laughed. Laughed in that honest child-like manner, for her it was nothing short of magical and so she had stood there, spellbound in that moment, forgetting the regrets of her past and disregarding whatever their future held. But if she could revisit the moment, she most definitely would and for reasons more than just wanting to hear him laugh again. She would then , hear him laugh once again but then when  he stopped she would ask him, why did he feel like laughing? Why was his response so different from hers? For she had almost died of jealousy when she had come to know of Sheetalji and his past but knowing about Samayji didn't seem to bother him at all, so then was she too immature for him, were they not as compatible as she thought they were? But then he had been jealous of Nanheji, oh yes she was sure of it, so then why not now? Or... or maybe he just didn't love her anymore... But before she could pursue this thought any further Celina knocked at her cabin door updating her about the meeting in twenty minutes and a hassled Khushi was back to her heap of unsorted textile and tangled threads.

The meeting started with Celina and James' combined presentation on the current fashion trends in the European market with special focus on Spain, they showed some images of the ethnic Spanish male and female costumes but then soon James added
"But well this is not exactly what our buyers are looking for, their target this time is the everyday wear, here are some pictures to give you a better idea." And Celina put on a slide show of people at malls and offices and parks and pubs.
"So guys any comments?" asked Celina after the slide-show was over. And all was quiet for a while as everyone raked their brains trying to figure out what it was that they were missing. And just then Khushi blurted,
"Its nothing extraordinary!" it was the first thing that came to her mind and honestly speaking she didn't really intend on saying that out loud, she was, well just thinking aloud. All heads turned towards her and with raised eyebrows and slight tilt of her head Celina signalled Khushi to continue further. A wave of panic engulfed Khushi as she wrapped the end of her dupatta around her finger and wondered if what she said offended Celina or James in anyway, she knew that they were the most experienced professionals in their team, what if the designs they had just shown were in fact designed by them. And in that moment of utter helplessness she turned towards the only familiar face in that entire room, Samay Joshi. She didn't know why she felt a little guilt somewhere deep within while turning towards him for some semblance of moral support... a little bit of warmth in that cold board room. Samay smiled at her and that smile urged her to go on. But that wasn't enough for her, nobody ever was... she needed him, her Arnavji in that moment, right by her side, holding her, filling her with his essence, his warmth, his power. She knew he would come to her aid whenever she needed him and' he did. Closing her eyes she smiled a little as her Arnavji made an appearance in front of her mind's eye, and she knew everything will be alright.
"Celinaji, Jamesji I didn't mean to offend anyone and I am sorry if I did, Devi Maiya ki kasam it was totally unintentional. All I wanted to say was just that I see people wearing dresses like these everyday, jeans, skirts, t-shirts and the likes, there was nothing new about these designs. But then again I hardly know about the technicalities of designing..." she trailed off.

Samay smiled at her response, he had always known that she had that something in her... something that with a little push could lead to great things. And he for one had always acknowledged and admired that spunk in her. For a moment there he was taken back in time when he was a 12th grader and she was probably in her 4th grade, and a certain teacher, Mrs. Prakash probably had made it her business to lure students to her private tuitions guaranteeing them better marks in exams if they joined her private classes and when Khushi had found about the same, she had made heaven and hell meet fighting against the injustice. Samay could still see the almost impractical verging on stupid valor in her, only Khushi could inspire  in him the contradictory emotions of respect and pity at the same time... this woman was an enigma and Samay found himself getting helplessly drawn towards her... He found himself wondering what her husband was like...

Author's Note: Hi guys, so once again too little, too late, huh? But yarron life has taken a really tough turn and out of no where I find myself living in a flat with a friend, trying to manage everything on our own, and well that is after five years of continuous DU hostels. Anyway, I am slightly tired of all the cooking and cleaning and m hence headed home for the next 20 days. Now I am not sure if the internet would work well over there, but if it does I would be updating the 3rd part of 'Untouched' very soon followed by 'Tangent Worlds'. Finally I just want to say, sorry for the ramanchi regarding the teaser, I was having some fun guysEmbarrassed 

Love Srija

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